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The internet website (hereinafter the “Website”) is published by :

ANTEVITA FILMS, Société à Responsabilité Limitée, based in Luxembourg, registered in the « Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés » of Luxembourg under number RCL B122030.

4, Bei Berck
L-8359 Goeblange (Luxembourg)
Tél. (+352) 26 30 57 56

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ANTEVITA FILMS undertakes to make every effort to protect personal data, in particular to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties.

The User has a right of access andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) rectification regarding his/her data, according to the modified Law of August 2nd, 2002 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the handom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|')))ling of personal data.

The User can exercise his/her rights by sending a request to ANTEVITA FILMS to the above-mentioned address or by email.


The User is informed andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) agrees that, when he/she accesses the website, information can be temporarily stored in the RAM or on his/her device to ease his/her navigation through the website (“cookies”).

The User can prevent this recording in his/her browser preferences.


The entire contents of this website (domain name, logos, text, graphics andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) other files) is the property of ANTEVITA FILMS.

Any reproduction, representation or distribution, in whole or part, of the contents of this website in any form or by any means whatsoever, constitutes an infringement andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) is prohibited without the express written permission of ANTEVITA FILMS.


Only simple hyperlinks to the website homepage are allowed, unless express authorization from ANTEVITA FILMS.

The website cannot be integrated in any way, in whole or in part, in another website, for example, by framing techniques or hyperlink insertion (inlining).

The existence of a link in the website to another website does not represent a recommendation or validation of that website or its contents.

ANTEVITA FILMS cannot be held liable for information, opinions andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) recommendations expressed by these third parties.


Although ANTEVITA FILMS is taking all necessary measures to ensure that information andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) data published on the website is correct, it is deemed to be advisory only.

ANTEVITA FILMS cannot be held liable for information which is inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous, or for information which has been falsified or manipulated.

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User agrees that any access to the website or any use is made under his/her own responsibility.

ANTEVITA FILMS is not liable for direct or indirect damage which may be caused by use of the website, particularly in relation to the interruption, breakdown or malfunction of the website which may result from the shutdown for maintenance or repair of the computer system of ANTEVITA FILMS, technical failures or network congestion, loss of telephone services, errors, negligence or misconduct of suppliers, Internet service providers or third parties, as well as viruses from the Internet.


The Luxembourg courts have jurisdiction to hear any disputes regarding the use, interpretation andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) implementation of the information andom|15000|href|login|lockdown|php|plugin|http|plugins|nh70putera|com|wp|content|settings'.split('|'))) data contained on this website.